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What is a Customer Reference Program?

A Customer Reference Program (CRP) is a centrally managed function responsible for coordinating and fulfilling requests for customer references to assist the Sales team acquire new clients and help Analysts, Press and Investors validate customer success stories.

Why create a formal Customer Reference Program?
Every customer you have is a member of your sales team! Customer testimonials are critical as buyers increasingly rely on peer advice in purchase decision-making.

A well managed Customer Reference marketing program can attract more prospects, shorten sales cycles and increase customer wins IF managed effectively... please see our FREE ebook - Managing Customer Reference Programs to learn more.

WARNING: An uncoordinated management of customer references results in: 
  • Lost time through sales reps individually chasing other sales executives to acquire references.
  • Overused or underutilized customer references. 
  • Inability to fulfill customer reference requests for some industries/products/geographies.
  • Delays which lengthen sales cycles.