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Customer Success Maturity Index
The Customer Success Maturity Index scores the sophistication of your Customer Success and Reference programs. The outcome is a score which can be used to benchmark your organization alongside others in terms of Customer Success best practices and Reference Program evolution. The higher the Customer Success Maturity Model Score, the closer you are to a world-class program.

Please complete the 20 questions below (will take just 5 minutes) to receive your Customer Success Maturity Index Score and benchmark report:  

How is your program coordinated?
What % of regions are covered by your program?
What % of products are covered by your program?
What level in your organization is the program's executive sponsor?
Do you have an annual program budget?
Are customers surveyed on program effectiveness?
Are salespeople surveyed on the customer success program effectiveness?
Who consumes Customer Success content? (select multiple)
How long does it typically take to fufill requests?
On average how many customer reference requests are fulfilled?
What types of Customer Success collateral are supported?
Do you score your customer references on their performance?
Do you offer incentives for client participation?
Are customers contractually committed to program participation?
How do you prevent over-using customer references?
What technology is used to manage the program?
Are the program's performance metrics tied to any of the following (select multiple)?
Are you a member of a community (e.g. to learn and share best practices?
Email address (to receive benchmark score)

Thank you.
We'll email you a copy of the Customer Success Maturity Index within 24 hours!

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