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Comprehensive Strategy for Creating & Managing a Customer Reference Program including checklist for all major activities and the most comprehensive list of Best Practices gathered from our members. Updated 10/9/2014.

The Business Case for Customer Reference Programs Presentation enabling program managers to delier a compelling presentation to acquire executive sponsorship and stakeholder support across the organization. Updated 4/9/2015.

ROI and TCO Calculator to model the Total Cost of Ownership and Return On Investment including costs such as staffing, incentives, document creation and benefits such as reduction in inefficiencies, shortened sales cycles and increase in new revenue from increased reference availability. Updated 10/9/2014.

Legal Agreement for Customers including incentive guidelines to adhere to Sarbanes-Oxley and VSOE accounting regulations, while clearly outlining and managing customer expectations for participating in the Customer Reference Program. Updated 5/19/2014.

Customer Appreciation letter, as a best practice, sent after providing a successful reference, this acknowledgement template will ensure the client’s continued participation in the Customer Reference Program. Updated 5/9/2014.

RFP Template for selecting a CRP software vendor such as BoulderLogic, Point-Of-Reference, ROInnovation etc. Our RFP template will ensure you acquire a Customer Reference System that meets all your User, Technical, Administration, Reporting and Services requirements. Updated 5/9/2014.

Customer Reference Interview template comprising a list of the most frequently used questions and best practices for extracting case study data in a standard format during a customer interview. Updated 6/9/2015.

Monthly CRP Metrics Dashboard including researched examples of how to report on closing gaps in references available, shortening time to fulfillment and utilization of the CRP by sales and other stakeholders. Updated 6/4/2015.
Customer Reference Manager Job Description to help scale a program’s human resources. Updated 6/9/2015.

Example Customer Reference Program Brochure to promote the program internally to all stakeholders and users of customer references. Updated 1/12/2016.

Sales Cheat Sheet & F.A.Q.
 training tool including best practices to overcome the top objections to program adoption. Updated 3/9/2016.

Request Tracking System. The system will need to track the date/time of Customer Reference requests, who submitted it, the required timeframe and type of reference. A status flag will then be assigned along with the CRP owner. Updated 6/9/2015.

Providers Tracking System. The system will need to track each customer the CRP team has had contact with, along with a status as to whether they are ACTIVE, physical locations, the titles and contact information for individual references and notes as to the types and dates of reference activity history. Updated 6/9/2015.

Content Tracking System noting the owner, source, date, customer, history and availability of different types of published references in a variety of media formats. Updated 2/7/2016.

Incentive Tracking System to ensure the Customer Reference Program comply with accounting regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and VSOE (Vendor Specific Objective Evidence). Updated 1/9/2016.

List of Best In Class Customer Reference Program’s with online websites in the IT industry. Updated 9/9/2015.

How To Select A Sales Asset Management platform with a comparison to a Reference Management platform and advice on the key features/functions of each.  Updated 2/9/2016.