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Vendor Listings

We aim to connect people managing Customer Reference Programs with relevant solution providers. If you have any suggestions for improving this research then please Contact Us.

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Customer Reference Solution Provider
Self-Service (From request to post-survey)  Content Management (any content, any metadata, active/inactive)  Mobile Options
CRM Integration  Reporting (customer & predefined) Content Development (Audio, Video, Text) Marketing Asset Management
& Analytics
Microsite Management
ROInnovation Yes Yes Browser/Apple/Droid Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua Yes Yes Yes Yes Colorado, USA
Boulder Logic Yes Yes Apple/Android Salesforce Yes Yes Yes Yes Colorado, USA
Point of Reference Yes Yes Salesforce Mobile App Salesforce Yes Yes Yes Yes
Colorado, USA
InEvidence Yes UK
Metia Yes UK
BigSkyPR California, USA
TechValidate Salesforce Yes Yes Yes California, USA